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Pat McGee Band – Reunion at The Birchmere

I have been very terrible at posting about the concerts I have been to in the past year. Considering my friends and I just picked up some GA floor tickets for Bruce Springsteen’s April show in DC, I’m getting pretty excited about shows to come. So I’m going to work backward between now and The Boss. Here is my most recent – a Pat McGee Band reunion show at The Birchmere. If you haven’t seen PMB play, you should. If you haven’t been to The Birchmere – go. When PMB plays The Birchmere, it’s a must see. It’s a small venue, has table service, and the waitress will yell at people if they stand up in front of you!

The setlist (from setlist.fm) is below. Quite a long show at almost 3 hours! As you can see, they pulled out a lot of the old stuff. We had a decent view from the side of the stage. The only thing between us and the band was the soundboard. I just wish I had something other than the iPhone to take pictures with. Turns out, there were people right up front with DSLRs – although the venue’s website says no cameras, I guess they won’t complain unless you are the dumbass using a flash, or the band has a problem with it. Next time, I will take my chances.

Pat McGee Band Setlist The Birchmere, Alexandria, VA, USA 2012