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The Dan Band Kicks Off My 2010 Concert Season!

It has been a while for the blog, but the 2010 concert season kicked off for me last weekend with The Dan Band at 9:30 Club in DC. As always, they are very entertaining with some of my favorite guilty pleasure songs that they cover. They even added some new songs to the encore with “Single Ladies” by Beyonce and The Dan Band interpretation of Pink’s Grammy performance of “Glitter In The Air.”

I took a few grainy pictures with my blackberry during the show, but I wish I brought in the Flip to capture the “Glitter In The Air” performance, as it was absolutely amazing. You can see from some of the pictures what it was like – I honestly thought they were going to fall out of the sheets and land in the crowd at one point. But that’s the beauty of The Dan Band…they screw it up and it’s all the better for it. To get a full perspective on what they were trying to accomplish, I recommend viewing the actual Grammy performance below.

And lucky for me and my lack of video, YouTube is able to save the day and show you The Dan Band interpretation:

Now, the real story to our Dan Band concert actually begins the last time they were in town, when my friend, let’s call her “Jacalicious,”  became Dan Band Fan #1 and we spent some time hanging with the band in the downstairs bar after their show. This led to quite a story that I won’t go into here, but is relevant due to the fact that the band remembered us when they saw us at the bar after the show this time.

Quickly re-igniting their friendship, “Jacalicious” and members of the band recounted their last meeting and discussed the most recent set. When asked about the Pink cover, we encouraged them to keep it in the set, but agreed that not everyone in the audience “got it.” Sounds like shows in LA did get it, as I would imagine would also be the case in NYC.

To round out the night, I believe “Jacalicious” is now facebook friends with the band. Well done.