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I am C-Pain

Last night, I was watching American Idol with my roommate, Coach. Afterward, Coach was apparently thinking “I wish I could make my voice sound like T-Pain.” Turns out, there’s an app for that.

So, of course, Coach had to buy the $2.99 gem (as did I). Here is C-Pain (aka Coach-Pain) in the studio recording “Buy U a Drank.”

And if you are curious what the final cut of the C-Pain track sounds like, here you go.

So if you and your friends want to sound like C-Pain and Auto-Tune your voice, peep it here: http://iamtpain.smule.com/ And if you want to hear a higher quality cut of C-Pain’s “Buy U a Drank,” you can listen here. You can have hours of enjoyment just like we have. Who knows, maybe C-Pain will be joined by T-Pain (my last name starts with a T, what can I do?) for a phat recording of “I’m On A Boat,” which is also available for download!