Obama Owes Me Some Steel Panther

It’s been a while. I feel like I should update on all of the good shows I have seen in the past year. First, I will start with the show I most recently didn’t see. The plan was to go to LA for a volunteer gig and stay an extra two days so I could be there for Monday night and Steel Panther! It’s becoming my routine for LA trips.

My friend hooked us up with tickets at House of Blues and four of us were planning to go. While enjoying a blended mocha from Coffee Bean, I got a call from the friend saying that the Obama fundraiser at House of Blues that day (already causing road closings and traffic) would be delayed. Thus, canceling all other events at HoB that evening. Yeah, that cancelled Steel Panther!

I live in DC. I already have to deal with road closings, delays, motorcades, and Obama on a daily basis. When I go to LA this happens too? So, Mr. President, I believe you owe me a flight to LA, Steel Panther tickets, and two days of vacation from work. Please take it out of your fundraiser money, that will help solve two problems.


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