Jenny Lewis at 9:30 Club

Jenny Lewis playing 9:30 Club

Jenny Lewis playing 9:30 Club

Last night was the last show for a while – at least a month. Jenny Lewis played the 9:30 Club, with a band called Deer Tick opening for her. Yes, I was skeptical of a band called Deer Tick as well, but turns out, they are pretty good.

Frank and I headed over to DC9 for happy hour prior to the show – if you haven’t been there, it’s quite the find. Just around the corner from 9:30. Magic Hat #9 was the beer of the month for $3 and it was $2 off all appetizers. So of course we ordered up some heartburn with boneless buffalo wings, fried pickles and onion wings. It was awesome!

This was my first time seeing Jenny Lewis (of the band Rilo Kiley, for anyone who might be lost), but I have wanted to see either the band or her solo for some time now. The stars just never aligned for me until last night. Unfortunately we got there just late enough to miss out on the good balcony areas, so we were stuck in the middle of the floor. This is fine until the inevitable happens to me – a 6’4” dude decides he wants to stand right in front of me. But this time it was a 6’1” chick. Oh well, I could still get a decent view by leaning side to side. But blame tall people for the bad video on my YouTube channel and the many heads included in my pictures on my web gallery.

The setlist was mostly expected, but that doesn’t mean it was a disappointment. Most of the songs were from last year’s Acid Tongue, which was one of my Top 5 of 2008. The others were primarily from her previous solo album with the Watson Twins, Rabbit Fur Coat, along with two new songs and a Rilo Kiley track, “Silver Lining.”

The band was excellent and the crowd was into it – with the exception of the person who fell down during “Silver Lining.” Not sure what that was all about. As often happens with me at shows, I grow to appreciate a specific song being performed live more than I did from the album. Last night, there were two: “The Next Messiah,” which she closed her main set with, and “Born Secular,” which wrapped the encore. Both were great songs, but the band really took these to the next level live. There are clips of these on my YouTube channel as well as the full version of the title track “Acid Tongue,” which is my favorite song on the album.

Oh, and for some Jenny Lewis trivia – if you are wondering where you might have seen her before – may I recommend checking out IMDB to see some of her TV and film credits, such as Growing Pains, The Wizard, or Pleasantville.

Jenny Lewis Setlist 9:30 Club, Washington DC 2009, Acid Tongue

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