Indigo Girls at Wolf Trap’s Filene Center

View from our box seats.

View from our box seats.

Having Monday and Tuesday off, it was back to the Filene Center last night for what I believe was my 4th time seeing Indigo Girls live. It all started from listening to Indigo Girls filtering through the fraternity house wall that I shared with my friend Rob, who’s claim to fame is being the Indigo Girls’ biggest male fan. Rob loaned me his copy of  Rites of Passage, and I have been hooked since.

I have been a huge fan of their latest release Poseidon and the Bitter Bug. If you haven’t bought it yet, make sure you get the deluxe edition to get the better, acoustic, recordings of the new songs. And if you already bought the standard edition, go back and buy the deluxe edition – you are missing out!

Kudz went with me to this one – his first Indigo Girls show. I passed along to him the same thing Rob told me on the way to my first IG show: “No lines for the mens’ room.” While that did hold true, this was the most diverse group I have ever seen at an IG show – meaning more dudes than usual.

We missed the opening act, Matt Nathanson, due to the terrible traffic I suffered getting home from work. And, as has been the case for the past week or so, a thunderstorm was on its way. We got there just as Matt Nathanson wrapped his set, and just as the rain really started. After making it to our seats – I feel bad for those who were on the lawn – the storm really hit. There were rivers of water running down the walking paths. The show went on, however.

This was the second time I have seen the Girls with no band – this time just one person backing them up on keys, accordion, and vocals. It makes for a more mellow show, but really shows off their songs, vocals, and melodies. As usual, I had both cameras with me and as we were in the front row of the boxes, I had an unobstructed view. Unfortunately I was asked to stop videoing at the very end of the set when Matt Nathanson joined them on stage for “Kid Fears.” This was absolutely the highlight of the show and he did a great job with Michael Stipe’s vocal contribution to the song. You can catch the first few seconds of it on my YouTube channel. And I have a few decent shots of the stage on my web gallery.

The setlist from the show was uploaded to, which I recommend checking out. I plan to use it for future shows as well. In this case, I was the first one to post the setlist, however if someone beats me to it for another show, it will save me the trouble! Plus it looks cool. Out of the 23 songs they played, 9 of them were from Poseidon and the Bitter Bug. The rest were many of the standards, plus a couple songs that I wasn’t really expecting, such as “Ozilline” and “Heartache for Everyone.” It was a great show, but probably not the best for someone who wants to stand up and sing along with the band the entire time. For that, catch them with a full band.


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