The Hold Steady at 9:30 Club

The Hold Steady at 9:30 Club

The Hold Steady at 9:30 Club

Sunday night was night two of my week of concerts! Have been so tired that I couldn’t get to posting about it yesterday. This was my first time seeing The Hold Steady live and I must say that the reviews are accurate – they are amazing!

The show was sold out and the crowd was really into it. These guys work hard up on stage and the comparisons to Bruce and E Street are accurate. Craig Finn, the lead singer, looks like your average guy, but was a sweaty mess up there keeping the crowd going. The best thing about him, and the rest of the band, is that it’s obvious they are appreciative of their fans. Craig was smiling the entire show – and not an “I’m better than all of you” smile, but an “I can’t believe I am up here and these people love this so much” smile.

So, I highly recommend checking them out. Instead of posting the setlist here, if you are interested I will refer you to for thier full setlist. And of course I have pictures if The Hold Steady and their opening act, Right on Dynamite, on my web gallery and a few videos on my YouTube channel.


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