CMT Crossroads

I’m not a huge country music fan. Particularly since it has become country-pop…or pop-country. But I am a big fan of CMT’s Crossroads. My parents recently sent me this link to Taylor Swift playing with one of my favorite bands – Def Leppard!

So it turns out she’s not bad. At least with a band like Def Leppard with her. So as I continued looking around, I notice they do a number of Def Leppard hits. Here are some highlights:

And of course…

A few other (non-Tay Leppard) Crossroads highlights, including the uncomfortable:

The pretty good match up:

The surprisingly enjoyable:

The expected train wreck that actually somehow stays somewhat on track:

And a redemption by Reba and Kelly (on AI, because I can’t find the Crossroads version on YouTube):

Search around – you are likely to find some really good stuff – and a few pairings that make you wonder what the producers were thinking.


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