STP at Hollywood Bowl

a real rock band is still in existence

I am way late in posting this, but my friend Amy and I went to see Stone Temple Pilots at the Hollywood Bowl on June 24, 2008. I moved back to DC on June 25… I saw them once in 1996 with Robyn H. at the Nutter Center. In retrospect, the Nutter Center is a funny name for a venue, but the show then was just as awesome.

Yes, it’s sad that Scott and the former GnR dudes are pissed at each other and thus another frontman is lost, but it did result in an immediate reunion of STP, which is awesome. These dudes still know how to rock and it’s nice to see that there are still real rock bands out there – not wearing tons of makeup (although STP is known to glam it up a bit) and not screaming or whining – just playing good music. Say what you will about early 90’s “grunge,” but I think STP will prove more timeless than Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and others that they get compared to. Actually, I don’t think there is much comparison – STP has always been different in my mind, yet they always get unfortunately lumped in with “grunge.”

So here is the setlist. Highlights for me were Silvergun Superman, The Lounge Fly (which you may know as being sampled for the lead in to MTV News back in the 90’s), and Crackerman. The whole show was a greatest hits session, heavy on Core and Purple. The only thing I missed was Seven Caged Tigers from Tiny Music, but I didn’t expect that one. Check some of the clips to remember how great this band is.

1. Big Empty
2. Wicked Garden
3. Big Bang Baby
4. Silvergun Superman
5. Vasoline
6. Lounge Fly
7. Lady Picture Show
8. Sour Girl
9. Creep
10. Crackerman
11. Plush (with a little “I want to hold your hand” thrown in)
12. Interstate Love Song
13. Too Cool Queenie
14. Coma
15. Down
16. Sex Type Thing
17. Sin

18.Dead and Bloated
19.Trippin’ on a Hole in a Paper Heart


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