Google Reader Leads Me to WarGames

wargames1983I can already tell that this blog entry is going to seem all over the place. That’s just how I roll I guess. I was rediscovering Google Reader the other day – you should check it out if you don’t use it already, it’s a great way to read news articles – and stumbled on this article about the movie WarGames.

Now I love the movie WarGames, so much so that one of my network drives is named Joshua. One of my other network drives is named after another famous 1980’s computer in a movie – anyone want to guess that one? The article made me remember the days of bulletin boards, which I hated, dial up modems, which I loathe, my Commodore 64, which I miss, and huge floppy disks, which I am happy are gone forever. Yeah, I’m talking about 5 1/4”, not the 3 1/2” ones.

So although I missed the actual 25th anniversary of WarGames, give the article a read. It will remind you of how different yet how similar things are as compared with today.

On a related note – Ivan recently took me to 1980’s nerd heaven on my recent Cleveland trip for Biggie’s wedding. It’s a store in Coventry with tons of GI Joe figures, He-Man stuff, Star Wars, and even Ataris and Intellivision units available for purchase. I remember playing Intellivision at my grandparents – it sucked! But it was sooo cool! I remember making burgers in the game Burger Time. Stupid.

So what does this have to do with music? Absolutely nothing. Well, I could draw a line to music if you want, but it seems unnecessary. Oh, and you can now follow my favorites in my Google Reader on my homepage.


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