Iron Giant Trailer

finally, a fun class

For our final project in Entertainment Marketing (at UCLA), groups had to select a movie that did not meet expectations for opening weekend and create a new marketing plan for it. Our group chose The Iron Giant, a Warner Bros. animated feature.

Among other things, we created some new marketing materials for the movie as we thought the original marketing materials really missed the target audience. This (video above) is a mock up of the scenes we would select for a new trailer as compared to the original movie trailer that can be seen here.

You have to imagine ours with better transitions and a voice-over. I can only do so much with my limited skills. We felt that the original trailer was good, but focused too much on the military at the end. The one sheet, however, really sucked…

So we also created a new one sheet (movie poster) as the original movie poster had a very retro feel to it (the movie is set in the 1950’s). You can see the difference between the original one sheet (top) and the revised one sheet (bottom).

Original studio one sheet.

Original studio one sheet.

Here we don’t know if the giant is trying to save the boy, or if he is kidnapping him to use his body as a host to grow more giants.

Our new one sheet.

Our new one sheet.

Again, cut me some slack on my photoshop skills, but I think it’s a lot better than the studio’s attempt. You will also see on the one sheet that we changed the opening date to July 2, 1999 rather than August 6. This is to capitalize on the 4th of July long weekend and to take it out of August, which is historically bad for opening movies, especially for kids. As there was no real competition on that July 4th weekend, we felt it was a much better choice.

Overall, the studio did very little to market and promote this movie. It’s too bad, because it is actually a good movie and has great reviews (97% freshness rating on If anyone is that interested and wants to read the entire report, let me know and I will send it to you.

So the real fun in this was that we got to present our projects during class yesterday and our professor invited a three person panel to serve as our Randy, Paula, and Simon. Our judges were:

Bryan Allen – who owns a one sheet production house that the major studios use (studios contract much of the marketing materials for their movies). He was definitely our Simon.

Some dude from Fox marketing…who didn’t say much.

And Jason Mewes – of Jay and Silent Bob. We knew Jason was going to be there, but I didn’t recognize him at first because he didn’t have the long hair.

Jason was definitely funny in his comments about our presentations. Unfortunately, the class is only three hours and I think Jason wanted to do a stand up routine after every group’s presentation, so eventually we had to start cutting things off so we could finish before the next class came in.

When we were coming back from a bathroom break, he held the door open for me – I thought about saying “snootch” to him, but it just didn’t seem appropriate.


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