Kiss My Ass WSJ Guy

like sunshine and rain

picture-2The Wall Street Journal guy can kiss my ass.

You all know what it’s like to have a bad day. Well the last 24 hours has made me wonder why American Idol doesn’t used “Bad Day” by Daniel Powter anymore. Yeah, the song annoyed me, but I always got a good laugh out of it too – seeing the person who didn’t make the cut watching clips of their road to semi-stardom with Dan’s annoyingly catchy song reminding them that their day sucks.

Well my day sucked too. It started last night actually. I went to look at an apartment after my class at UCLA. I am trying to find a place to live somewhere near Hollywood or Burbank this summer so I am closer to my internship and away from the ‘burbs. Turns out, $850/month gets you a place in the latino ghetto. So that sucked. Not that there is anything wrong with latinos, I’m just not a big fan of any neighborhood where there are more people in the streets than cars.

So after sitting in traffic for hours, I finally make it home to find that ants have made one of those ant roads from my window to my kitchen. I pay $1520 a month in rent to live alone – so I massacred a bunch of those bastards.

I had to get up early today to do homework for each of today’s classes. This is typical of Thursday mornings since I never have time earlier in the week to get to these two classes. So I planned to go to campus to work on this, but I need to stop by the leasing office on the way out. You see, my lease doesn’t run out until the end of July. I don’t want to drive 50 miles each way to my internship over the summer, so I had to drop off a check for $1200 to break my lease early. Yeah, that sucked. I also asked them to send an exterminator and to tell the Wall Street Journal delivery guy to kiss my ass.

Okay, so I left something out. I get the Wall Street Journal delivered. Mainly I want online access to their articles, but you still have to get the physical paper to have full online access – seems a bit counterintuitive, but whatever. So each morning, the WSJ delivery guy pulls up to our building, usually late, and throws my copy from the driveway up to the third floor where I live. This is annoying because it always lands at my neighbor’s door. I can deal with that – the delivery guy is lazy, okay, he probably doesn’t get paid all that well. I think I probably piss him off because I am the only one here that gets the WSJ – most of the others in this complex are undergrads.

Today, my paper wasn’t there. At first I thought the dude was late again, but it was 9 a.m. Then I thought maybe the dude flubbed the throw and missed the third floor. Son of a bitch – there it was, on the second floor’s rooftop – just out of reach.

So I did what any normal dude would do – I risked my life to retrieve my unwanted paper. (It’s important to note that by the time dude delivers the paper, I have usually read all of the interesting articles online) I set my bag down, jump up a bit on the guardrail, and lean over the side with my head down and feet up in the air. Remember, my dad fell off a roof once and we thought he was dead.

I’m basically teetering on the rail, not yet able to reach the paper, when all of the contents of my jacket pockets decide to fall out. My pen, notepad, sunglasses, etc. begin to Plinko from the second floor roof to the first floor roof and then down to the driveway/parking area. Of course this happens right when the girl from the first floor is walking out of her apartment. As my stuff rains down towards her, she looks up at me in bewilderment and comments that I am not having a good morning. Yeah, thanks, I noticed. I was so angry that I wasn’t even able to engage in witty banter with her and she wandered off.

After finally retrieving my paper, I went down to the second floor to get my notepad, which was now on the first floor roof. Then I pick up my freshly ruined sunglasses from the driveway and head to the leasing office. It wasn’t until I went to sign my lease break agreement that I realized that my favorite pen is still in the second floor gutter. That sucks.

What does all of this have to do with music? Well, doesn’t it seem like music is always there to provide a soundtrack for your life? As I left the leasing office to walk to campus, I put my headphones on, pressed random play on my iPod, and was treated to a little “Joy and Pain” by Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock.

See my February 17th entry for mention of another Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock classic.

Unrelated, but of note: on my way to campus, some dude passed me wearing black Ugg boots with his jeans tucked in them. Now let’s face it, there is nothing uglier than those damn boots, and I will never understand why hot chicks insist on wearing them. But a dude? What a douche.


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