2nd Intern Update

the exciting life of an intern

I know I have been AWOL from this, so I apologize. Things have been tough lately, but I wanted to at least provide this timely update. A few things of note from a lowly music intern:

1. If you watch American Idol, you probably heard Jordin mention last night that her favorite song is Mmm Bop, by Hanson. Well, while I was watching this, I thought it seemed like a perfect PR opportunity. And apparently I am not the only one…

The management company where I am interning happens to manage the boppers themselves and as I was walking past their manager’s office today I heard him on the phone trying to get something going for tonight’s show. He was asking if tonight’s show is the results show, to which I had to laugh. This is because all of these guys who work in the music industry try desperately to pretend that they hate Idol and would never watch it. If they took their jobs seriously, however, they would know that, like it or not, Idol is successful, and therefore a good source of info for their jobs. These guys just want to be cool rocker dudes and I have to avoid Idol conversation around them.

So if you watch Idol, see if there is some sort of Hanson connection tonight or in the future. I think he was trying to get them to call in to the show to speak with Jordin. Either way, they have a new album that isn’t very mmm boppy anymore, and isn’t half bad. I don’t think it is released yet, but I have a copy and my mom has an advance copy if you want to take a listen.

2. Some of the very challenging things I do at my internship revolve around MySpace. Yeah, I update bands’ pages – meaning accepting friends, adding tour dates, blocking you jerkoffs that spam band sites, etc. What is really amazing to me is all of the 12 year old girls who want to be friends with Buckcherry. Yeah, Buckcherry! Their manager said just go ahead and accept them – seems wrong, doesn’t it?

3. Another interesting job activity – FedExing a robe to Debbie Harry. Don’t ask me why, but we did. And now I have her home address.

4. The other intern that sits next to me must have attended way too many concerts. She is deaf…I have to ask her way too many times for things. She just graduated from Columbia and had to ask me 10 times which index tab dividers to order today. I don’t freaking care! I just want to stop looking ghetto by cutting manila folders in half. Columbia…promising, isn’t it?

5. Rob and Lugi pay attention – Nikki Sixx (of Motley Crue), who we also represent and do marketing for, is getting ready to publish a book called the Heroin Diaries. It’s freaking awesome so far. I read a bit of it the other day. Basically it chronicles his days on the road. They called the dudes in Whitesnake a bunch of pussies because they didn’t want to go out and party on the road. Definitely check it out. There is a MySpace page for it – just search Heroin Diaries. It was featured on MySpace a few days ago, which means that thousands of people request to be friends. Luckily another intern got to click the button a thousand times for that one.

That’s all for now. Sorry for the haste. I am typing this right before entertainment marketing class and will probably have to upload using my Treo as a modem, so no music for now.


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