Internship – Week 1



As I mentioned, I started an internship this past week with a music management company. Since this was finals week and I had everything out of the way by Wednesday night, I was able to spend all day Thursday and Friday at the office. My regular schedule will be Monday and Wednesday once classes start again though. I think it is going to be an interesting gig – and if nothing else, I already have a bunch of free CD’s, so it seems perfect for me.

On day one I put my desk together and once I got a phone line that worked, I called a courier to pick up some Meat Loaf masters that needed to go to some sort of secure, climate controlled storage that we have off site. The courier was some dude who took the call so he could bring his CD (he plays bass) to us as his band just broke up and he needs a new one. Apparently he thought Motley Crue might be looking for a replacement for Nikki Sixx or something. The CD got trashed.

The other reason I mention this is because, as you have probably already figured out, I am endlessly entertained by the name Meat Loaf. The picture you see above is of the Billboard chart from when “I Would Do Anything For Love” hit number one, and this thing hangs on the wall opposite my desk. What you can’t read, however, is the personal note from Meat Loaf to the CEO of the management company, which says something to the effect of “you are awesome, blah, blah, thanks for all of the help…” and then finishes with “I Love You! – Meat.” Yeah, apparently he goes by just “Meat” to those close to him. I laugh every time I look at it.

On day two I accepted all of Buckcherry’s friend requests on MySpace. This is not something you need an MBA for. There were about 800 requests over the course of just a few days, bringing their total friend count up to over 250,000. I didn’t know that many people were into these dudes, but you can imagine what these “friends” were like. And if you can’t imagine, just go to Buckcherry on MySpace.

Just thought you all would be fascinated by what I am up to. Actually, I spent most of my time organizing publicity info for the bands and I think it will be a good learning experience for me. It depresses me how conveniently located the office is though, as I was able to get a tour of West Hollywood from Roman after work on Friday. Makes me wish I lived in a more metro area again. Apparently West Hollywood isn’t the optimal location for me, but I have to get out of the OC soon! If you need explanation, watch “The Real Housewives of Orange County” and compare to “The Hills.”


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