How Wikipedia Operates

gomez and wikipedia – both very cool

picture-4Here is another one of my favorite albums of last year, How We Operate, by Gomez. A British band with a Spanish name and a very cool sound. I had the chance to see them live at Bonnaroo last summer, and they sounded great.

But let me get to something else. You have probably noticed that I often provide links to Wikipedia articles on here – because I think there is some great info on that site. Well, I had planned to post about Gomez a while ago, but forgot about it. Then, after watching American Idol last night, I left the TV on while I read Esquire. The TV show “House” came on, and although I have never watched this show, I ended up paying attention for a couple of reasons. Dave Matthews (who played a savant), music, and more music when they featured “See the World” by Gomez at the end of the episode. Not too bad, but that House dude is a real ass, hopefully he enjoyed some pizza in the end.

The reason I mention this is because after finding Gomez on Wikipedia right now so I can link to it for this post, I noticed that it has already been updated to include the reference to “House.” Yeah, go there, then scroll to the bottom of the page on Wikipedia. What an amazing concept. I love technology.

Anyway, you need this album. And if you like it and want to download one of their live shows for free, you can get it on NPR’s “All Songs Considered” podcast. It is a recording from the 9:30 Club in D.C.

I suggest starting with “See the World,” “How We Operate,” “Hamoa Beach,” and “All Too Much.”


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